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  • Yuichi Tsuda

    Exploring C-type Asteroid: Achievements of Hayabusa2 in the Ryugu Proximity Operation

  • Lewis Walker

    A New Mission Concept for the Large-Scale Explorationand Characterization of Near-Earth Objects

  • Pablo Hermosin

    Low-thrust sample return trajectories optimization to thousands of NEAs over a century

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  • Marco Fenucci

    The distribution of small near-Earth objects and the role of the Yarkovsky effect

  • Ivana Milić Žitnik

    The relationship between the ‘limiting’ Yarkovsky drift speed and asteroid families Yarkovsky v-shapes

  • Irina Kovalenko

    Asteroid selection database for space mining mission analysis

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  • Alberto Cellino

    Tutorial: How to determine the physical properties of asteroids

  • Fabrizio Bernardi

    The EU funded NEOROCKS Project: new tools for improving our NEO understanding

  • Valerio Carruba

    Machine learning classification of new asteroid families members

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  • Joel Sercel

    TransAstra’s Plan for Asteroid Prospecting and Resource Extraction: The Sutter Survey and ApisTM Mission Architectures


  • Steven R. Chesley

    OSIRIS-REx and the dynamical environment of Bennu

  • Begoña Nicolás

    Transport phenomena through L3 in a Sun-perturbed Earth-Moon system

  • Paolo Panicucci

    Vision-Based Navigation and Shape Reconstruction for Asteroid Exploration During Approach

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  • Irene Cavallari

    On the Sun-Shadow dynamics

  • Mauricio Misquero

    Orbital and rotational dynamics of satellites and asteroids

  • Erica Scantamburlo

    Short-period effects of the planetary perturbations on the Sun-Earth

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  • Simone Centuori

    Tutorial: Small Bodies Close Proximity Navigation

  • Jim Bell

    The MILO Space Science Institute: Enabling New, Science-Focused Deep Space Smallsat Missions

  • David Murrow

    Spacecraft and Operations for Small Body Exploration

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    Flexible Landing on Asteroids using Intelligent Robotics

  • Stefano Casini

    Autonomous deep-space CubeSat: where we are and where we are going


  • Giovanni B. Valsecchi

    Resonant returns revisited

  • Detlef Koschny

    ESA’s core activities in Planetary Defence

  • Alessio Del Vigna

    The evolution of the Line Of Variations at close encounters

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  • Óscar Rodríguez

    Linkage problem with very large databases of observations

  • Dimitri Veras

    How Stardust-R outputs may be applied within exo-planetary science

  • Pelayo Peñarroya

    Astrosim: a simulation tool for the FLAIR project

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  • Giovanni F. Gronchi

    Tutorial: On the geometry of two Keplerian orbits with a common focus: results and open problems


    Massive Solar System Exploration


    Lunar global positioning system

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    IntelLIgent Atmospheric Density modelling for space operations

  • Daniele Serra

    Popular Science Talk: The next decade of Solar System exploration


  • Paolo Martino

    The Hera mission to asteroid Dimorphos

  • Matteo Manzi

    Asteroid Deflection Under Uncertainty

  • Marcello Sciarra

    Trajectory analysis and design for a Fast Kinetic Deflection Mission

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  • Julio C. Sanchez

    Autonomous asteroid orbit station-keeping with constellation based in-situ gravity estimation

  • Alessandra Celletti

    Tutorial: Dynamics around a binary asteroid (Part I)

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  • Cătălin Galeș

    Tutorial: Dynamics around a binary asteroid (Part II)

  • J. Cardoso Dos Santos

    Dynamical averaging maps as a tool to study the dynamics around bodies with irregular shape

  • Tudor Vartolomei

    Proper Elements

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  • Roberto Paoli

    The dynamics around extended bodies: tools and techniques