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  • Alessandra Celletti

    From chaos to invariant tori in rotational dynamics: from machine learning to computer-assisted results

  • Marco Sansottera

    Construction of secular librational invariant tori for exoplanetary systems

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  • Gabriele Pichierri

    Formation of the Trappist-1 system

  • Giacomo Lari

    On the long-term orbital evolution of Callisto in different tidal scenarios

  • Federico Mogavero

    The origin of chaos in the Solar System through computer algebra

  • Sara Di Ruzza

    Analysis of Euler integral in the three–body problem

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  • Philippe Robutel

    Co-orbital exoplanets: two reasons that make them difficult to detect

  • Christos Efthymiopoulos

    3D secular dynamics for extrasolar planetary systems: an overview

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  • Vladislav Sidorenko

    Stability analysis of apsidal alignment and antialignment in double averaged three-body problem

  • Veronica Danesi

    Construction of the Kolmogorov normal form for three-body planetary problems with double Mean-Motion Resonance: the case study of the HD60532 extrasolar system


  • Shane Ross

    Are there ballistic trajectories connecting Earth orbits with orbits about any other planet or moon?

  • Massimiliano Guzzo

    Manifolds dynamics originating at L1, L2 in the Elliptic Restricted Three-Body problem

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  • Aaron J. Rosengren

    The Phase-Space Structure of Lunar Mean-Motion Resonances

  • Bhanu Kumar

    GPU-assisted search for Jupiter-Ganymede to Jupiter-Europa resonance transfers in a restricted 4-body model

  • Erica Scantamburlo

    Interplanetary transfers in the elliptic restricted three-body problems using the manifold tubes originating at L1 and L2

  • Miquel Barcelona

    Semi-analytical computation of heteroclinic connections between center manifolds with the parameterization method

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  • Vivina Barutello

    Regularized variational principles for the perturbed Kepler problem

  • Alessandro Portaluri

    An index theory for asymptotic motions in the gravitational N-body problem

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  • Mattia Rossi

    A Hamiltonian revisitation of the Kustaanheimo-Stiefel regularization of the elliptic restricted three-body problem

  • Patricia Sanchez-Martin

    Dynamical study of multiple arm formation in barred galaxies

  • Giordana Bucchioni

    Low energy Earth-Moon L2 NRHO Transfers using a Cycler Vehicle

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  • Francesco Fassò

    Spectral analysis of a system of pendula hanging from a viscoelastic string and of their synchronization

  • Luis C. García-Naranjo

    Platonic solids and symmetric solutions of the N-vortex problem on the sphere

  • Coffee Break

  • Clara Grassi

    A dynamical definition of the sphere of influence of the Earth

  • Roberto Paoli

    Analysis of Solar Radiation Pressure semi-secular resonances

  • Edoardo Legnaro

    A detailed dynamical model for inclination-only dependent lunisolar resonances. Effect on the “eccentricity growth” mechanism

  • Giulio Baù

    New results on the initial orbit determination problem

  • Lunch

  • Marcello Romano

    Analytical-numerical method for the Time-Optimal Maneuver of a Spacecraft in Proximity of a Reference Orbit

  • Matteo Manzi

    The Stochastic Three-body problem: Stochastic Resonances and Diffusion in small-body dynamics

  • Pierfrancesco Di Cintio

    Multiparticle collision simulations of intermediate mass black holes in globular cluster

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